Tax Deductions For Security Guards

If you are a security guard, you may be able to claim deductions for your work-related expenses. Work-related expenses are expenses you incur on items used to earn your income as a guard or security employee.

Car Expenses

You can’t claim a deduction for the normal trips between your home and work.

You can claim:

– the cost of using your own car for work, including travel to attend meetings or training courses that are not held at your workplace, between two jobs or from one work site to the next.

– deductions for your car expenses from home to work if you carry bulky tools and equipment you are required to use at work, as long as there is no secure area provided to leave them on site.

-the cost of parking, tolls, taxis and public transport if you are required to travel to attend work- related seminars, meetings and training courses away from your normal workplace.

Overtime meals

You can claim a deduction for overtime meals without getting written evidence, if all the following apply, you:

get paid an overtime meal allowance under an industrial instrument (such as an award)

buy food and drink on overtime

only claim up to the reasonable allowance expenses amount.

Work Clothing

– You can claim deductions for the cost of purchasing compulsory uniforms and protective clothing (including shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, jumpers provided the uniforms have the business’s logo on it). However, you cannot claim a deduction if these items have been provided free of charge by your employer.

-The cost of laundry, dry cleaning, alteration and repair of your uniforms

-The cost of buying sun protection items, including sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, if you are required to work outdoors

-The cost of buying safety glasses


-The cost of work-related short training courses, such as OH&S, first aid etc. You can also claim for the cost of travelling to and from the course and any accommodation and meal expenses if you are required to stay away overnight for the course.
-You can claim your education expenses at university or TAFE if they relate to your current work and are not reimbursed (such as Cert IV Security and Risk Management). If you are studying, you can also claim for the cost of books, stationery, equipment and travel required for your course

Other Expenses

-You cannot claim a deduction for an initial security licence,but you can claim any costs associated with renewing this license.

-You can claim renewal fees of Union or professional association memberships; but you cannot claim the initial join up fee.

-The cost of work-related magazines or professional publications

-The cost of work-related books or journals

– The work-related proportion of phone and Internet fees etc

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Source: ATO

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