Have you MISSED OUT on your previous MULTIPLE years TAX RETURN? WE CAN HELP!!

Concerned about if you must pay penalties to complete or amend your multiple years tax returns?

Firstly, not to worry as we are here to help you extract all the previous years information and lodge your multiple year tax returns without paying the penalties for lodging!!

Fearful of fetching the information for previous year’s tax returns and the tax laws that applies to those years to complete the tax returns?

The most time consuming and challenging part of lodging multiple year tax returns is to get accurate details of income, deductions and other details which are required as it is hard to maintain those records as individuals. At Business Mantra, our professional tax preparer can gather all the information for you within no time and apply tax laws as per respective tax year.

Reasons for Multiple-Year Tax Returns?

ATO can audit an individual’s Income tax profile at any time and enquire about the reason for not filing the tax returns for the previous years and can penalize as well.

What if you are expecting a refund from previous tax returns?

If you have had income in the past years and your tax is withheld for those years. Why not get back your hard-earned money by finalizing your tax return with us because at Business Mantra, we can maximize your tax refunds by claiming the best possible deductions.

What if you had to pay Tax for the previous years?

In case, there is no appropriate amount of tax withheld, and you had income through your own business (ABN), you might have to pay tax. In such cases, ATO can charge interest on the amount that you needed to pay. Our experts at Business Mantra can help you file your tax returns for multiple years in a way that your tax payable is as minimum as possible.

What if you have not earned any income in the previous year tax returns?

In such cases after checking your information for that particular year we can give non-lodgment advice to the ATO by filing your nil return.

If you have missed out on lodging your previous year TAX RETURNS, our team at Business Mantra can help you lodge your MULTIPLE YEARS Tax Return smoothly and efficiently.

To book an appointment with our accountant please click here.

For any other query or any questions in the above matter, please contact us on (08) 9242 3555 or send an email to admin@businessmantra.com.au

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