GST on sale of Property

GST Applicability:

GST only applies to the sale of certain property types (for example, vacant land, new residential premises, commercial premises) if the vendor is registered or required to be registered for GST purposes.

Even if you are not in business, if the turnover from your property transactions and other transactions are more than the GST registration threshold and your activities are regarded as an ‘enterprise’ you may be required to register for GST (for example, if you buy land with the intention of developing it for immediate resale at a profit).

Activities not included while calculating GST turnover for registration purposes:

  • the sale of a residence that is not new residential premises
  • sales you make that are for no payment (unless they are made to an associate)
  • other property sales you make that are private and not connected to your enterprise (such as your family home)
  • residential rental income.


What is property?

Property can be:

  • land
  • land and buildings
  • an interest in land, rights over land or licence to occupy land.

The GST treatment of property varies, depending on the type or purpose.


Source: ATO

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