Check If You Can Get Car Tax Concessions?

Are you able to claim tax concessions when buying, leasing or modifying a car? This concession applies to a person with a disability or an eligible veteran. Furthermore, it applies only to cars, not other vehicles such as trucks or vans.

People With Disability

You’re eligible for car tax concessions if both of the following apply:


  • Have a current disability certificate issued by Medibank Health Solutions (MHS) or Health Services Australia certifying that you have lost the use of one or more limbs to the extent that you are unable to use public transport for the next two years
  • Intend to use the car to travel to or from gainful employment for either two years or 40,000 kilometres from the date you purchase it.

You cannot claim tax concessions if you:

  • are not gainfully employed
  • purchase the car jointly with another person, such as a spouse or carer
  • want to use the car to look for gainful employment
  • work as a volunteer only
  • are a student only.


An eligible veteran is someone who satisfies both of the following:

  • you are a veteran with a disability
  • you intend to use the car either for your personal transportation for two years, or to travel 40,000 kilometres, from the date you purchase it.

We can help you to work out if you’re eligible and the extent to which the tax concessions apply. Please stay connected and we shall update more on businesses. If you have any enquiry, please contact our Business Mantra experts. You can call us on (08)9242 3555 or email us at admin@businessmantra.com.au.


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