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10 tips to increase sales for small Business - Business Mantra

10 tips to increase sales for small Business

As accounting and finance advisors, it is very usual for us, that our clients seek to advise on how they can increase sales.
While working in this industry for more than a decade now, we have found out some basic tips, and by implementing them small businesses can boost their sales.
1. Develop a google profile and a business website
It’s easy to create and more convenient for clients to get your address, contact information and services you provide. This service improves your online presence, and by up to date information you can get ahead of your competitors.
2. Mobile optimized website
The internet is changing and that’s an obvious fact. Users are now able to access the internet in several ways that couldn’t have been imagined 10 years ago. User’s average time on the website is increased by using mobile, and this can be an extra cherry on the cake for your business.
3. Google reviews and respond to reviews
Today, most people are checking the online reviews of the service they want to buy. Google reviews are important to enhance the credibility of your business. Your immediate response to the reviews makes the service 10 times extra trustworthy.
4. Advertise through social media
Posting promotions and services provided by your company is free to do on social media, however, there are charges for the advertising. Through paid advertising, there is an opportunity for you to show your brand to a more targeted and larger audience.
5. Feedback from customer
Always request feedback from your customer to get an idea about your strength and area of improvements. By feedback, you can improve your service and give the best service possible to your customers and gain the trust them.
6. Partner with complementary businesses
Find a business that complements the product/services you provide to increase referrals at a low cost, such as the combination of an accounting firm with relevant software, or a gym with personal trainers or fitness gear.
7. Highlight the benefits
Try to highlight the benefits of services provided by you rather than just what the services are. This will get the attention of the audience and they will be more inclined towards your services.
8. Regular promotions
Regular promotions are beneficial to engage and excite consumers as it gives them something to look forward and give a reason to come back to you again.
9. Present information Visually
Visual information serves many purposes, including simplifying complex information such as data and processes, presenting information quickly, and creating a reference for the consumer to retain and return in future.
10. Give a reason to come back
A lot of people can be convinced to buy the product once. However, retaining that customer is a different story. It is vitally important for any business to give the best customer service, focus on the customer’s needs and improve the services to get the best results and retain the customers in future.
We are always there for you, feel free to come to us for any business queries and get the best solution and achieve your ambitious business goals.

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